Citizens for Better Transportation . . .

. . . is a group of pedestrian and bicycle safety advocates, ACHD Commissioners, builders, developers, engineers, lawyers and others concerned about the future of Ada County. Growth brings increased prosperity but it also brings challenges. We want to provide the funding to help ACHD meet the needs that record-growth brings.

The revenue from an expanded Vehicle Registration Fee, the initiative the ACHD Commission has placed on the November 6, 2018 ballot, can go a long way toward fighting traffic congestion, ensuring big projects begin when needed,  and meeting the needs of walkers and cyclists.

Committee Members

  • Sara Baker
  • Bre Brush
  • Dave Butzier
  • Soren Dorius
  • John Franden
  • Wayne Hammon
  • Cameron Kinzer
  • Kurt Holzer
  • Craig Quintana
  • Charlie Rountree
  • Ray Stark
  • Matt Stoll
  • Paul Wasser
  • Dianna Willis
  • Paul Woods
  • Dave Yorgason