Big jobs -- improved road sections, updated intersections -- yield big benefits in safety and traffic flow. When a major improvement is made, generally all users benefit from the features being installed to provide better traffic progression, and new pedestrian or bicycle facilities.

Drone shot of State Street/Veterans Memorial Parkway/36th Street under construction, looking north

The soon-to-be-finished State Street/Veterans Memorial Parkway is a prime example. Another is the State Street/Collister Street intersection project, due to start in November.

The revamped State/Veterans intersection will have new, safer pedestrian crossings, bike lanes, and new signalized U-turns, which will make the intersection work smoothly in coming years as the traffic volume on State increases.

But the big improvements come at a bigger cost, as the $7.8 million price tag for State/Veterans shows. Money from the increased Vehicle Registration Fee ballot initiative could fund a future major intersection rebuild, could bring new signal technology to ease congestion on busy corridors like Fairview Avenue or could build new sidewalks, bicycle facilities or Safe Routes to School. Or, perhaps pay for a little of everything because of our community's growing needs. Invest in your future on November 6th.